Our Custom Stabilizer will hold the Multi Purpose Hitch Stand and Work Station stable as you drive down the road.  It's unique custom design varies from each vehicle, year make and model. There are many trailer hitches on the market today and they all vary.  We have tried to design our Stabilizer to fit most makes and models.  We can Custom Design one to fit specifically for your vehicle.

An amazing custom hitch stabilizer from Sacramento County, CA, that is easy to use

  A Highly Effective Hitch Stabilizer in Sacramento County, CA

Take your work where it needs to go with the new hitch stabilizer setup from DD Custom Industries in Orangevale, California. When coupled with our amazing multipurpose hitch stand, this stabilizer allows you a previously unattainable level of portability for your heavy cutting capabilities.

A mobile workstation from Sacramento County, CA, that is extremely versatile

Price: $150 includes hitch U bolt

Hitch Stabilizer

Bolt our stabilizer to your trailer hitch and, along with our portable hitch stand, you have almost a complete workshop right there on the back of your vehicle. Get rid of the worry of vacation travel by using our hitch stabilizer from Sacramento County, CA, to secure your luggage and prevent the kind of luggage basket wobble that might leave your belongings all over the road. Our patent-pending design works with a three point hitch stabilizer giving it  greater stability ,  with its steal construction and keeps the weight down to a very manageable 18 Pounds.

Contact DD Custom Industries in Orangevale, California, for a new kind of portable workstation for many kinds of projects.